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The following is information on Homestead Exemption and useful links to Local School Information, Property Tax Information, and many other links to services or information in and throughout Miami-Dade County and the State of Florida.

Homestead Exemption


What is Homestead Exemption? Homestead Exemption is a $25,000 exemption that a U.S. citizen or legal resident is entitle to if he/she has legal or equitable title to real property in the State of Florida and who resides thereon and in good faith makes it their permanent home as of January 1st.


Applications for all exemptions may be made anytime up to March 1 of the tax year.  The Homestead Exemption will be automatically renewed annually until the property is sold or until the property is no longer the primary residence. If you purchase a residence after January 1st, you typically inherit the previous owner's homestead exemption if they were entitled to it. You will be required to file a new application for homestead exemption in the subsequent year. Your homestead exemption does not transfer from your previous property to your new property. Failure to apply by March 1st of the tax year constitutes a waiver of the exemption privilege for that year. The Property Appraiser has the option of accepting applications after March 1st, but they will be held for use the following year. Click here for Homestead Exemption Application.


What Do I Need to Apply for Homestead Exemption? Please note that these documents must be in your name otherwise your application cannot be processed.


          Any one of the following Proofs of Ownership

·         Warranty Deed

·         Property Tax Bill

·         Notice of Proposed Property Taxes

·         Homestead Exemption Automatic Renewal Receipt

·         Computer Public Value Inquiry printout


Any two of the following Proofs of Florida Residence

·         Driver’s License

·         Automobile Registration (not leased)

·         Voter Registration

·         1040 Income Tax Return filed from Florida

·         Florida Unemployment Compensation Registration

·         Employment letter with Employer’s letterhead

·         Child School report card or School letter attesting child’s registration

·         Moving van receipt from another county or state

·         Doctor’s letter with Doctor’s letterhead

·         Church letter with Church letterhead

·         SSA-1099 fiscal year Social Security Statement addressed in Florida


Where Do I Apply? You can apply at one of the following offices:


Main Office

Miami-Dade County Government Center
111 NW 1 ST
Miami, Florida  33128-1984
Suite 710 Public Information Counter


South Dade Office

South Dade Government Center
10710 SW 211 ST
Miami Florida   33157
Suite 207 Public Information Counter


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School Information

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Other Useful Links Here you can find additional information regarding County and State Services, utilities information, neighborhood information and more! Simply click on the item you wish to look at.


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